Write Music

Make music happen where you are now

Imae of man sitting on park bench on phone

With Notate, you can write music on the go. In the places that inspire you the most: at the park, at the coffe shop, or even in the shower(be careful not to get your phone wet). Simply type out your doodles and when you close the application the song will automatically be saved for you to complete later. No more writing on napkins or searching for a pen. Now your ideas wont get lost. They will be written as sheet music for later.

Notate is Really Simple

Enter notes as easily as you type a text message

just type out the notes using the keyboard piano. All of the options you will need are right above the piano for you to choose from. you can even add style markings with the buttons on top of the keyboard.

play back your music to make more edits

No longer are you composing with uncertainty. With Notate, you can play back your songs. Unlike with pen and paper, you are always sure you wrote down that melody or chord progression down correctly, because the phone played it back to you.

Share your finished work with friends

When you have finished your work or would prefer to finish it on your computer, you can export your song and share it. You can share your song as a Midi, word Document or E-boook file.